My Horror story with online dating as a young disabled woman with cerebral palsy

About three years ago, I had gotten down to my goal weight of 120, I was previously employed through youtube pre rules change, and I was mentally in the best place as well. Needless to say, my mom thought it was time for me to try the bachelorette, (wheelchair edition).

We signed up for what I thought was a Christian dating site, it turns out there were red flags flying everywhere within the first few weeks. Each time I would describe my situation, I would either get friend-zoned or asked if there were certain “activities” I could perform even though I had cerebral palsy.

First of all, that’s not any of their business, and second, until I am in a committed marriage/relationship, that’s something that will only be discussed with my HUSBAND! I’ve also received male pictures that were extremely unattractive and unwanted.

Then, in the later months, I’d had oral surgery to get my implant fitted, and I told this particular person, I will be in and out of sleep for the next few days, so if you’d like to text and check on me, that's up to you.

After all, was said and done, I closed my profile, and haven't tried date online or otherwise in quite some time. Just because I’m in a wheelchair shouldn’t mean that I should be put in a box and hidden from the scary world of dating, able-bodied or otherwise. Something that I’ve learned through that short-lived process is simple. Be patient, and wait in God’s timing, and here’s a bonus. Some guys aren’t worth spilled milk. I hope you enjoyed my short-lived experience in dating and take a page from my book. Once you find “the one”, you’ll know for sure.



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Regan Brown

Regan Brown


Hey, y’all!I’m a southern belle from Texas, with a touch of cerebral palsy, and a huge love for coffee! Believer in Christ. Special needs writer, and YouTuber.