52 List for Happiness Book Review 11

  1. Remove yourself from stressful people or situations that don’t bring you happiness. Not everyone will agree with your opinion, and that’s just fine and dandy.
  2. It has caused me to think beyond my own selfish desires or needs. When I speak positivity on my vlog great things start happening. Positivity attracts the correct kind of influence that I need in my life.
  3. This journal has become an integral part of my quiet time morning routine with the Lord. It’s helped me deal with a lot of stress and anxiety about this crazy sickness we’re dealing with.
  4. Last but certainly not least, since starting back again, I’ve noticed that I’m a much happier and mentally healthy as well, When I got this journal about 2 years ago, I was going through some pretty difficult times in my life. At the time, a friend of mine through Special Olympics had passed away due to being severely sick with pneumonia.



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Regan Brown

Regan Brown


Hey, y’all!I’m a southern belle from Texas, with a touch of cerebral palsy, and a huge love for coffee! Believer in Christ. Special needs writer, and YouTuber.